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Electric Grass Cutter

Electric Grass Cutter

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            a) Brand                                                               - “STIHL”

            b) Country of Manufacturer                                 - Germany, Europe

      c) Model                                                               - MM 55

d) Engine Displacement (cm3)                            - 27.2

e) Power Output (kw/bhp)                                   - 0.75/1.0

f) Weight (kg)                                                      - 7.9

l) Multi Function Handle                                     - YES


Special Features-


·         Low weight ,Excellent Balance.

·         Elastostart for less starting effort.

·         Anti Vibration system for greater Operator Comfort & Safety.

·         Long life filter system with compensator and self cleaning effect-considerable extends intervals between cleanings

·         Practical control handle with integral throttle trigger, throttle trigger interlock and slide control with starting throttle, run and stop positions